Il Volo del Bombo - Biodelizie

Do you know that...

The Bumblebee (Il Bombo) is a special little bee, one of the most important and useful insects to humans. 

It's a social insect, peaceful and not aggressive. 

In 1934 the entomologist Antoine Magnan applied the equations of air resistance to these funny insects and obtained that they should be incapable to fly. 

According to his theory, the laws of aerodynamics do not allow the bumblebee to fly due to its wings size and to the frequency of their beats per second, that are not sufficient to support its weight. 

In his book "Le vol des Insectes" Magnan affirms: 

"(...) I applied the laws of air resistance to insects and I arrived (...) at the conclusion that their flight is impossible".

As Einstein affirmed some time later: "The wing structure of the bumblebee, in relation to its weight, it is not airworthy .... but he does not know, and flies anyway".

Who we are

" Il Volo del Bombo" ("The Flight of the Bumblebee") is...

a magic that happens!

A flight between healthy and organic food, a place where you can enjoy moments of less frenetic pace .

We offer the possibility of moments lived in a pleasant and "slow" way , philosophy declined in our dishes and in the environment in which these moments are experienced .

We offer wines and delicacies from organic farming, agriculture that considers the whole agricultural ecosystem, exploits the natural fertility of the soil, promotes biodiversity of the environment in which it operates and limits or excludes the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms.

At " Il Volo del Bombo - Biodelizie" Slow Food Presidia occupy a special place .

Their small-scale producers have signed a strict production regulation that protects the environment and the land, defending the biodiversity of food, promoting sustainable agriculture and supporting small producers, valuing their know-how.

The Slow Food Presidia have helped to save many animal breeds, plant varieties, cheeses, breads and meats that were in danger of extinction, that is why " Il Volo del Bombo - Biodelizie" reserve them a special place.

Our campaign

We love people who have something to say and stories to tell. 

We like those who love to talk, smiling and looking into each other eyes. 

We like people who listen to themselves, and also those who enjoy the silence. 

Ours is a place in which to enjoy a good glass of wine, a place to rediscover ancient flavors, or discover them for the first time. 

Ours is a place of conversations with oneself and with other people, 

but always face to face. 

Leave at home phones, PCs and tablets. 

Forget about them and mute the ringer. 

Here your time is dedicated just to you and your friends.

"Il Volo del Bombo - Biodelizie" explores tastes, flavours, faces.
The most important faces at "Il Volo del Bombo - Biodelizie" are those of our producers.